The DOC (Downtown Outreach Church) is a Calvary Chapel Fellowship. The DOC exists to reach out to the downtown St. Pete area with the love of God and the truth of His Word.

Our vision is simple:

  • To REACH (Matt 28:19-20) people for Christ in the downtown St. Pete area.
  • To TRAIN (2 Tim 2:2) God's people in the truths that grow us as Christians.
  • To SEND (Matt 9:37-38) God's people to reach others for Christ in the downtown St. Pete area.

Our weekly service takes place on Sunday mornings @ 10:30am We have a passionate time of worship, a verse by verse bible study through books of the New Testament, and a time of fellowship after the meeting.

We also have a monthly outreach event that focuses on reaching different people groups within the downtown St. Pete culture. These events include concerts, art events, blessing the poor, street evangelism events, and business events.